Duchy College Rural Business School

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In the past 10 years, the RBS has engaged with over 10,000 farm businesses in the South West. The following are a snapshot of its current activities:

Rural Business Research (RBR)

The RBR is the most authoritative research collaboration into the financial and business performance of farmers and growers in England. Read more

Agri-tech Cornwall Project (ACP)

This £11.8m project helps Cornish small to medium sized enterprises research and develop innovations for agriculture. Read more

Future Farm

This £3.6 million dairy research and knowledge transfer facility at Duchy College’s Stoke Climsland farm will focus on a green hoof print approach to dairy farming. Read more

Farm Net Zero

A 5-year project funded by the Lottery Community Action Fund to encourage reductions in farm carbon emissions and to share knowledge between farmers and the wider community. Read more

Home Farm Natural Capital

Led by the RBS and Duchy of Cornwall Estate, Duchy College is creating a 25-year environmental plan to develop the natural capital asset in its Home Farm and associated landscape. Read more


The project aims to increase the competitiveness, sustainability and resilience of dairy farms by identifying, evaluating and then widely disseminating knowledge on innovative dairy practices. Read more

SWARM Knowledge Hub

A natural resource management web information service dedicated to farmers and growers – providing knowledge on best practice approaches and new innovations. Read more

Farm Health Online

An animal health and welfare web information service for sustainable livestock farming – bringing together a wide range of recent research and sources of advice. Read more

BVD Stamp It Out

Incentivising farm vets to support cattle farmers to eradicate or keep out the costly Bovine Viral Diarrhoea disease from their herds. Read more

Challenge of Rural Leadership

One of the most prestigious short courses future leaders of rural organisations. Read more